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Feb 3, 2016 – (Greg Ferrante) – I was waiting to continue discussions with respect to the press releases from NVEnergy last week regarding their motion to grandfather existing customers. Turns out, they lied, again. Their motions do not present a solid grandfathering plan for existing NEM-1 or NEM-1.5 customers. There will be a rally on Feb 8 (this coming Monday), please go and join hundreds of other solar owners. see – Bring Back Solar Rally

Jan 3, 2016 – (Las Vegas Review Journal) – Reid wants federal protection for rooftop solar users, companies

Jan 3, 2016 – (Las Vegas Review Journal) – Petition seeks to break up NV Energy Monopoly

Jan 25, 2016 – (Las Vegas Sun) – NV Energy proposes keeping lower rates for existing solar customers

Jan 23, 2016 – (Las Vegas Review Journal) – Nevadans must rise up against PUC’s decision on rooftop solar

Jan 15, 2016 – (Las Vegas Review Journal) – Class action lawsuit filed over rooftop-solar ruling

Jan 7, 2016 – (Las Vegas Sun) – Regulators urged to suspend hike on rooftop solar rates

Jan 7, 2016 – (Las Vegas Sun) – Sunrun laying off hundreds, ceasing operations in Nevada

Jan 6, 2016 – (Las Vegas Sun) – SolarCity lays off more than 550 workers in Nevada

Dec 22, 2015 – (Las Vegas Sun) – Regulators deal a blow to rooftop solar industry

Statements from Nevada State Leaders:

Feb 6, 2016 – (Victoria Seaman) – Solar, I’m With You – EVENT:  Coffee with Constituents on Feb 6th

Jan 6, 2016 – (PUCNV) – Letter from State Senator Aaron Ford (D)